Fareed Zakaria : Stay Out Of Syria

I was pleasantly surprised at Fareed Zakaria’s position against a US war on Syria. The historical background and arguments he brings are lucid and persuasive. In the early 20th century, the Brittish and French carved up the central lands of the Middle East to empower minorities to rule (Alawites in Syria, Christians in Lebanon and Sunnis in Iraq). Much of the resulting warfare–including the current Syrian civil war–in the region is the direct result of those policies. The US made a mess of intervening in the region–especially Iraq–and there is no historical precedent or persuasive argument that firing missiles towards Syria will dampen the civil war. Both camps will fight to exterminate both sides to the death.

All Americans can seriously benefit from watching this video.


One thought on “Fareed Zakaria : Stay Out Of Syria

  1. Asymmetric warfare leads to a failed state, a result we do not want for Syria. Neither side can win but continue fighting. Time for serious dialogue. US/NATO allies delay of Geneva discussion is pathological.

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