Drink Tea!

Dear friends, I share with you today the secret  to all diplomacy, discussion and dialogue–tea! And the higher the quality of the tea, the more enduring the diplomatic outcome, in theory at least. There is no need to dwell on the necessity for more diplomacy in our increasingly polarized world. For best results, drink Tea by a Sardar and use coupon code MS0614 to get $1.50 off!

Drink Tea by a Sardar

“The concept for our brand is derived from the word “Sardar”, which is Indo-Iranian, derived from the Sir, meaning “head” and dar meaning “to hold” translated as holder of headship, honor, or respect. In India, Sikh men with turbans and beards were referred to as sardars, esteemed for their honesty and fairness, whether it be in business or life.

And so with this philosophy in mind, Sardar Tea has set out on a mission to change the common perception of tea, and to remind the consumer that all teas are not created equal. We noticed that the American market is oversaturated with tea and tea-based products, and often consumers find themselves overwhelmed and confused by all the available options, when all they ultimately want is a comforting flavorful cup of tea.

We have pledged to deliver high-quality teas and tea blends from around the world, directly to our customers in order to restore honor and respect to the products and traditions we believe in. We begin our journey by bringing consumers in the Western Hemisphere, Tea By A Sardar, a high quality black tea blend that has been relished in India for generations by tea connoisseurs and specialty tea stalls. We continue our pledge by bringing you new teas and will continue to do so with your support.” (The Sardar, Ravi Singh)



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