Syria’s Hijacked Revolution

Syria’s revolution has been hijacked. It’s old news, except to partisan Syrian expatriates and clueless foreigners. At this point everyone knows that foreign fighters and jihadis have been bank rolled by interets in the US and certain Arab states to destroy Syrian lives and infrastructure in a manner that will bring down the Assad Regime (the fact that this plan has failed thus far to the demise of Syrian lives and livelihood is another matter). This is not in any way to support the criminal behavior of the Assad regime over the decades, or their international allies–which is an equally indefensible position. This is, rather, a plea to both Syrian expatriates and citizens around the world who first cheered in the name of popular revolution and, more recently, were beating the drums of war–wake up!

A Syrian boy executes a captive
A Syrian boy executes a captive

Between March, 2011 and December, 2012 there have been literally dozens of stories published about the influx of foreign fighters and jihadis coming into Syria to fight the Assad regime. The New York Times, USA Today, Counterpunch and numerous corporate and social media outlets have documented the transition of Syria’s revolution from pockets of neighborhood demonstrations to a civil war between the regime’s army and the Free Syrian Army. Likewise several reports by Human Rights Watch have documented crimes against humanity and genocide on the part of both the regime as well as FSA.

The ad hoc mixture of defectors and extremist fighters is supposedly the military front of the Syrian Opposition (see below), but neither the FSA nor the Opposition has been united or successful in achieving its goals (unless it’s goals are bringing destruction and terror to the people of Syria of course). Why? Because–in the spirit of Assad regime whom they purport to overthrow–both are fundamentally illegitime and composed of self-serving, diametrically opposed camps. The details of their illegitimacy are not my concern here, but rather the consequences of supporting such fraudulent groups. It should concern those still championing the hijacked Syrian Revolution that the US State Department both acknowledges the presence of Al-Qaeda among FSA lines as well as supplies weapons to the FSA (mainly from Libya). Using jihadi fighters to fight proxy wars has brought ruin upon local communities in Afghanistan and Pakistan; Syria is no different. It should concern them even further that US allies in the Arab world are funding the FSA and the jihadi groups brought as well as trained therein (sure the DOS condemned Jabhat al-Nusra as a terrorist group on December 11, 2012, yet they compose an integral part of the Opposition forces in Northern Syria–which the US supports). The malice and incoherence of this hijacked revolution must have everyone asking, who the hell’s side are you really on?! More importantly, who is on the side of the Syrian people?

It gets worse. Amid the fracturing affect of the current civil war, Syrians today are not only sharply divided between regime supporters and opposers, but also between Shia and Sunni. If the sectarian violence of Lebanon and Iraq are any indication, Syria’s ongoing civil war may well annihilate more lives and buildings than the Lebanese Civil War or the sectarian violence that ensued after the fall of Saddam. There is no ‘good side’ in this war. Supporting either side–especially out of some gullible conviction–is to deepen sectarian division and intensify violence in the Middle East–plain and simple. It’s time to realize that there is a far greater evil than Assad, that is the current destruction of Syrian society and the sectarian retribution that is already upon us.

After 21 months of gradually increasing military conflict, public support for the ‘Syrian Uprising’ has waned and stagnated. That being said, my hopes are slim that the international interests fueling the current civil war to serve their own interests will soon satiate their bloodlust, and that we Syria can move to a ceasefire and amnesty.

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