What about the Orlando Mass Shooting & Islam? [VIDEO]

In my interview with Fox on June 13, 2016 I discuss the problem of homophobia in general, and the necessity of accepting LGBT within the Abraham faith groups. This is a problem traditional Christians and Muslims wrestle with still in the 21st century. Reports prove the perpetrator of the Orlando shooting was a bigot, mentally ill, abusive, criminal to begin with. To date the criminal investigation demonstrate his ties to Islam as incidental, and that his “allegiance” to ISIS/ISIL was attempt to draw attention and credibility, as in the San Bernardino shooting.

Islam in America is “represented” by the majority of its adherents and its institutions–like all other faith based communities.

Professor analyzes Orlando mass shooting [VIDEO]


Finally, something I forgot to mention for lack of time, those who profit from hate domestically and overseas (ISIS, Trump, etc) want Americans divided and squabbling. We should not let them win. America is (used to be!) the last of diversity and tolerance. If we want to prevent another Orlando, Charleston, San Bernardino, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, etc then we need to hold accountable the NRA, gun lobby and paid politicians who profit from and fuel the proliferation of machine guns in crowded spaces (including schools and colleges).