A reminder of one of the greatest crimes committed in modern times. Thanks Rasha.

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Today marks the nine year anniversary for the US war on Iraq. A war that ruined millions of Iraqi lives, and hastened the decline of the US economy. Today, I share this poster with you commemorating all the lives that were lost from both sides.

Almost 8 years ago, when the Bush administration’s “War on Terror” began, the US and its allies invaded Afghanistan and Iraq–illegally. I was still in college, and we were assigned a project about the war on Iraq. Only then did I hear what students around me thought, and they were mostly very ignorant assumptions and comments that left me feeling trapped and depressed. Unfortunately, the average American did not have a clue how ugly war is, and that there were no WMD’s…etc

As graduation day was approaching, my dearest professor and director of visual arts, Paul Bruner, told me that he wanted to put together…

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