Egypt is Reborn


Omar Suleiman announced that Mubarak resigned and placed (i.e. stated the obvious) the army in charge. The cheering in Tahrir square, the streets of Egypt–and all around the world–is hysterical. Freedom is a sentiment far sweeter than words can describe.


Earlier today the army’s superme council–now meeting regularly and in charge of the country–publicized their second statement promising to lift Mubarak’s 30 year martial law after the dust has settled on this revolution. When that shall be and what it means remains to be seen. However, the army’s stance is purpotedly neutral but practically speaking quite confusing. We all know they did not intervene when security thugs attacked the people, that there are reports of their detaining and torturing people, but they are also courting the people. Why? One hopes their motivation–despite its confusing nature–is to serve under a new democratic civilian government, and not form a new military government. One also hopes that Suleiman–a staple of the Mubarak regime–will soon be replaced.


Wa’il Ghonim–one of the internet activists to start the revolution even from the days of Khalid Said–has announced he will not seek any political office once the revolution is over. Furthermore, the “old opposition” Mohammad al-Baradei and Ayman Nour don’t connect sufficiently with the youth and had no major part in this revolution. They have a small chance at ruling. ‘Amr Moussa–with the respect of Arab and Egyptian politicians–has a far greater chance, which is unfortunate. And the Muslim Brotherhood vowed not to propose a candidate for political leadership after the revolution–good. Anyway, make no mistake. Egypt has plenty of young, well qualified, brilliant leaders. Now is there time to show themselves, serve their country and make their own fate.


Egypt has made headlines for millenia and has been the leader of the Arab world for over 2 centuries. Today, Egypt reclaims its historical place. The date of the first democratic presidential election in Egypt for the past 30 years. Mabrook everyone – Egypt is reborn!


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