On the word “iqlid”

Amid the hope and fear of Arab revolution these days–most notably the case of Egypt–I have become sufficiently motivated to begin blogging. After spending time ruminating on what name I should give my blog, I decided upon the unique word “iqlid.”

إقليد is a Classical Arabic word, replicated in Modern Persian كليد, both of which are derived from the Classical Syriac/Christian Palestinian Aramaic ܩܠܝܕܐ/ܩܠܝܕ, itself originating from the Classical Greek κλεῖς, meaning “key.”

It is my hope that in this age where people seldom read (books) but are eager to write (blogs), that coming from someone whose livelihood and joy come from research and teaching, that this humble blog may offer some small measure of substance. I hope this blog will be a key to disseminating a modernist and enlightenment approach to studying society in the Middle east and Islamic Civilization.


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